Anticipating Omer Arbel's first house

I have been following designs of Vancouver’s Omer Arbel ever since I saw his lovely chair. And could you help but follow his work? He is literally everywhere, a ‘media darling’ – and as far as I am concerned, rightfully so. I got to see some of his work in person at a recent Vancouver museum exhibit, it is all that it looks to be in photographs and more.

Rarely do I get excited about a young designer or a young architect – there are very few. But for me Arbel, with likes of David Adjaye, is one of the few that I will watch like a hawk.

His designs are simple and thoughtful but terribly romantic - right up my alley. And so now I am practically holding my breath since I found out about his new architectural project (first freestanding one as the previous ones have only been interiors) – a house in Vancouver that is “an unusual structure which he likens to "a piece of folded origami" (Japanese paper-folding)”[source: John Mackie, Vancouver Sun, Friday, May 30, 2008].

A few construction images posted on Arbel’s site are only exacerbating my excitement. Check it out for yourself:

Arbel has gotten a few awards (BC Creative achievement 2008 – follow the link to see him with Gordon Campbell; D&AD Yellow Pencil Award; Blueprint Best Newcomer award ) already, been featured in a whack exhibitions and has even been published in NY Times. Here is a bit of light reading if you would like it:

Vancouver Sun



NY Times

Here's also a new Bocci(Arbel is creative director) product making the waves - the plateless socket:

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