Erickson's for sale - yet again

No, no, this is not about the man, but about one of his works. In 1979, Arthur Erickson designed a veritable suburban dream - Montiverdi Estates, an entire cul-de-sac of Keith Road in West Vancouver. I found out about the project, accidentally, during a drive-by...

Interestingly, Russel Hollingsworth's own mini subdivision at Meadfeild Road has gone up just a few trees away from Erickson's. And now you can buy into either as both Hollingsworth's and Erickson's homes are up for grabs.

Erickson's homes at Monteverdi appear on the market frequently enough. Right now for sale are two homes, one of which is 5338 Montiverdi Place (I don't mean to plug the listing, but here it is) for a cool $1,298, 500. Courtesy of the realtor we get to see some of the interior:

The other one is at 5361 Montiverdi Place - $1,195,000. Unfortunately the images are terrible. Another of the community's homes - 5310 Montiverdi Place - sold recently as well (for $1, 495,000 - if anyone wants to know). More realtor pics:

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Another one, 5352 Montiverdi Place, sold in May for $1,450,000. But there is only one picture of it from the Globe and Mail article about the sale:
Aside from wackiness that is the West Vancouver real estate market, I was quite surprised with the interiors of the homes. Granted - many of them might have changed substantially, but the interiors do not seem to live up to the rather lovely exterior - wonderfully massed and sites and beautifully layered.

By the way, some images of Russel Hollingsworth's Headland Park project can be seen here - these sell at about twice the price of Erickson's homes.


Toronto real estate agent said...

I love these houses. THough a bit out of my style, the architecture at that time, just wonderful. Yes the interiors seem a bit unfit to such a house, but many people who live there aren`t so artistic about matching everything. You should see some Toronto condos I come across in my work. Especially the new high-tech ones being furnished with a 100 year-old furniture. All in all these houses are great and the price on them is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Too bad people feel the need to paint instead of stain. Check the original cedar!