It's a flower, it's a frog, it's a new VanDusen project !

Although I find the iconography a bit confusing, I can not help but be really *very* excited about the new development in VanDusen Gardens . Two buildings - an admin and education building and a special events pavilion - are to be built as part of this $31 million project which aims not to only update the current facilities but to - as the renderings easily attest - draw a new crowd in, to bring in younger faces as well with its flashy new outfit.

And flashy it is, looking like a flower, a butterfly, ... well, something living anyway. The pictures created by Busby are seductive (by the way if you are at all feeling seduced / generous, you can find out how to support this project here), all joyful colours and sensual shapes! Enjoy:

Seems that these images are only of the larger building and, hopefully, we'll be able to see the pavilion images soon, but as it is part of Phase 2 there might be a bit of a wait.

According to Van Dusen website, native orchid is the inspiration for the striking form:

Recent Press:

Journal of Commerce January 2008

Vancouver Courier May 2008

Vancouver Sun June 2008

P.S. HBBH: way to start a trend - is that a rammed earth wall I spy?

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