THE map - Vancouver architecture tour

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I have embarked on a task that is tremendously useful to myself in getting to know Vancouver's (and environs') architecture a little better - I have started a map of locations of significant architectural works so that when I will visit a location from the map I will see all the places I might be interested in checking out. The link will be to the right -->

Over time I will keep adding more and more to it.

It made perfect sense to share this with others interested in architecture of Vancouver. But I hope you will respect privacy and private property of those who currently own/inhabit these buildings.

Email me suggestions if you would like to add to this endeavor, and, by the way, Happy Canada Day!


Anonymous said...

Great map, love the blog, keep it up!

Paul Albrighton said...

Great website, Architecture in Vancouver is great, and with the extreme fast growth of our city, finally architects are getting creative and not afraid to try new "big-city" projects.

Anonymous said...

This is a great resource! I'm an architecture student planning a trip out west and have been doing my research on things to see in and around Vancouver. Your blog has been interesting and extremely useful!