The other side of Dockside

Last week I beheld the back elevation of Henriquez's Dockside building in all its entire glory - a rather new occurrence. Built on a narrow lot, this Westbank mixed-use project has been exposed by recent demolition of two older buildings on West Pender. Probably not for long. For a long time I saw this building everyday - so for me this is kind of exciting, actually. And so here is the record of its exposure:

By the way, apparently this project was built in 2002 for $14 million. That is the price of - what? - three of the grade level units in it now, if even that many!

BTW # 2: it won 2003 Lieutenant-Governor Award of Excellence in Architecture.

Dockside is at 1478 West Hastings, and if anyone wants a map of Henriquez projects in downtown they provide on their website (I thought that was actually pretty useful).

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