D'Arcy Jones & lightness

Island House on Vancouver Island

D'Arcy Jones is someone who I have been watching from afar for a few years and now that I am in Vancouver and have started this blog thingie, I have been just itching to write about his work. But as Adele Weder points in last April's Canadian Architect article he is:
just beginning to gain renown in British Columbia for a series of graceful, well-proportioned and emphatically Modernist residences. Because most of his projects have been outside of Vancouver, they have received less critical and media attention--less "buzz"--than merited.
Well, now his website has quite a little media collection going and he was one of Vancouver Museums "Movers and Shapers" this year. Perhaps what I like that most though is that his work speaks more loudly to me than press; the hype does not outstrip the architecture.

It is with light touch and palpable respect and care that he renovated this Vancouver residence built originally by Thompson Berwick Pratt's team comprised of Ron Thom, Dick Mann, and Bob Burniston in 1958.

Images by Robert Lemermeyer

Having seen Jones on the very same West Coast Modern tour photographing the houses and just really observing them, I can surmise that the lightness of this touch and grace (too much?) comes from understanding.

Anyway, very cool. His website is a must for many more (alas, most are outside of Vancouver):

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