Vancouver Modern Tours

Gardner Residence, Kenneth Gardner, 1958
photo by Selwyn Pullan

I just figured out that Vancouver Heritage Foundation also runs other architectural tours besides the heritage homes tour.

There are two tours in particular that seem very interesting , and one of them - pricey!

The first is a walking tour of downtown Vancouver on Saturday, September 27 at 10am. This includes a guided tour and a map - all for $14. By the way, this tour is eligible for 2.5 core learning units from AIBC continuing education.

The other tour is a bit more posh and is similar to the recent West Vancouver Homes and Gardens Tour. At a price of $100 and 4 core learning units, Open Vancouver Mid-Century Modern Residential Bus Tour is on Saturday, October 4 from 1-6pm with a wine reception at the ultimate house stop (there are five buildings in total on the tour).

On earlier tours the stops included :
  • Barber Residence (Ross Lort)
  • Copp Residence (Ron Thom)
  • Downs Residence (Barry Downs)
  • Stager Residence (Barry Downs)
  • Danto Residence (Arthur Erickson)
  • Saba Residence (Ned Pratt)
  • Simpson Residence (TBP)
  • Gardner Residence (Kenneth Gardner)
  • Zack Residence (Fred Dalla-Lana)
  • Smith Residence (Allen C. Smith)
Both tours seem pretty cool. And, of course, AIBC offers multiple tours almost everyday at budget price of $5 around Vancouver's downtown. Happy touring!

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