Merrick House

In contrast to "whimsy" of Grace stands an imaginative house that Paul Merrick built for himself. Part tree-house (you can really feel as though you are in the tree canopy), part wooden castle, for me it embodies a flawless harmony of fantasy and high-quality execution. Although it looks chaotic in these images, it has unmistakable rigour.

It too, was part of the West Van Home tour and at the same time it was for sale - as it always is in Vancouver, somehow. Well... It is still for sale. And/or for rent as of October 10th for a small amount of $5800 per month. So there is your chance to go visit - schedule a viewing and whatnot...

Some more images:

Apparently, it has been chosen by B.C. Architectural Society as one of top 9 homes in B.C. in last 75 years; and it has received a West Van design award.

Sorry that I do not have any drawings, etc. to show. This is the exactly the kind of design that Paul Merrick can offer and has done so on many occasions, just not in case of Grace.

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