Condo trouble roll


It seems that some of the condo projects in Vancouver are either in real or purported trouble. Well, this certainly affects the architectural community as condos in Vancouver are the bread of the bread and butter. Taking stock of recent news and rumours here is the "trouble list":
- Infinity (bankruptcy protection)
- Olympic Village (cost overruns)
- Cosmo (stalled)
- Ritz-Carlton (stalled - redesign?)
- Sophia (receivership)
- H & H Yaletown (receivership)
- Garden City (receivership)
- V6A (on hold)
- Evelyn (on hold - stabilization issues?)
- Sky Towers in Surrey (bankruptcy protection)
- odd one out: Quatro in Surrey (fell to fire not to the economic downturn on October 1st) ...
- further afield: Capella in Langford (on hold)
- further afield: Town and Country Towers in Victoria (on hold)
- further afield: Lucaya in Kelowna (on hold)
I welcome any additions or disputes to the roll - let me know!

Ritz-Carlton is stalled indeed. If one is to believe that the project is on hold due to design changes, then why are the hoarding and the signage are gone?
Update 2:
More projects are added to the roll.

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