Busby portrait

Frances Bula has authored a fairly long written portrait of Peter Busby in this month's Vancouver Magazine. The illustration by Dushan Milic (above) and some of the quotes (below) are quite interesting -

"The Victorians developed this notion that nature's over there and we're over here," Busby says in his John Malkovich voice, a distinctive blend of muted and forceful. "As part of that, nature was conquered, nature was subdued, nature was ploughed under to create urban systems. We now know better. Now it's time to declare peace."


As he'll cheerfully tell you, the Wall Centre turned out to be 10 percent more energy-efficient than any other building of its time. [] And in Dubai, he'll put in as much green stuff as he can, no matter what the client knows or cares about.

"If you can move everybody 10 percent, you'll have a huge impact. You know, clearly I need to do the leadership projects, but then you've got to kind of snowplough everybody else along," says Busby, who has honed the black art of making the business case for environmental design, keeping the costs down, marketing his concepts with slick and sexy graphics, and, if necessary, sneaking in the green stuff. Whatever it takes to get those doubting bottom-liners to buy in.


Busby was playing the role he takes on in these kinds of groups, a brusquer and more impatient Socrates of the development world, challenging them with one question after another.

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