With new laneway rental unit pilot approved by the City of Vancouver, one company profiled in this month's Vancouver magazine is more than ready to take it on. Smallworks of Vancouver, headed by Jake Fry and Aaron Rosensweet, has been developing small infill structures since their inception, such as the Durbach structure (above) that acts as a summer kitchen and winter garage.

Below - the Vancouver magazine piece by Jennifer Van Evra. Click on image to enlarge:
Skooker studios - his and hers:

Marston Studio - combination green house and storage shed:

Jungen studio - two structures: a studio and a storage space.

Gailan studio - a green roof workshop. Soon to receive a green roof itself:

DV Studio:

Dawson studio:

The Smallworks workshop:

I hope that soon there are even more design by Smallworks and others popping up all over Vancouver. There is certainly more than enough space, not just for rentals too.

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