Architecture ladies in "print"

image credit: Battersby Howat

As I missed this article for the Tyee by Adele Weder on the female architects in Vancouver , I thought that others might have been as well.

In it, she interviews Urban Arts Architecture's founders Jennifer Marshall and Shelley Craig; Veronica Gillies of Vancouver's HOK ; Marie-Odele Marceau of Marceau Evans Johnson Architecture ; and writes about one of the first Canadian architects, Marjorie Hill, who is profiled in last year's book by Joan Grierson For the Record: The First Women in Canadian Architecture.

Although -as any such article is bound to be -it is not without its small controversy, it's a good read, drawing attention to talented Vancouver architects.

By the way, for more images of the Heather Howat's collaboration with David Battersby you can visit their website or Gaile's set on Flicker.

P.S. Here is Weder's take on the Olympic architecture in Vancouver. She likens the oval to a "dog", rather than heron.

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