Upcoming events

Reece Terris: Ought Apartment (sketch)

- opening reception at Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery for Reece Terris on Thursday, February 12, 6-9 pm. It is a survey of earlier works and a photographic preview of his upcoming massive site-specific installation for VAG, Ought Apartment.

- Official book launch for Vancouver Matters at Charles H. Scott gallery (designed by Patkaus and worth a visit on its own merits) from 2-4pm this Saturday, February 14th. Frances Bula calls it "a must for Vancouverophiles." The official blurb:
Vancouver Matters presents a reading of the city through multiple points of view; from professors and students at the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture to artists, architects, and designers living and working in Vancouver. Representing Vancouver's history and present materiality through writing, drawing, and photography, Vancouver Matters offers a critical examination of the city's faults and opportunities.

- And Buildex, of course. Wednesday and Thursday, Feb 11-12, 9:30-5 pm.

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