Mayhew House

Recently, while in Victoria, I had a chance to visit a house I could hardly afford but could hardly afford to miss. Ron Thom's Mayhew house has been up for sale for quite a while, reduced in price to the point of making some afraid that it would be torn done once bought up. This waterfront property in the Uplands neighborhood could easily fall pray to the extremely voracious McMansion fever sweeping through that area.

The house, unaltered save a few unfortunate interior finish changes, is ripe for a loving restoration. It has impeccable inner structure and spaciality; the proportion, the flow, it is all there - that ineffable feeling of a fantastic building that one can not summarize easily in words like you could attempt to do with Baker/Forrest House in West Vancouver or the Fraser House in Toronto.

Anyway, here are some more of my (inferior) photos - click to enlarge:

and the house comes with the archive
containing all correspondence, etc.:

Neither my pictures nor the next set really do this building justice. Here are the contemporary photos and plan from Doug Shadbolt's book:

Clearer but much less compelling plan:

Vancouver Lights also did a post on Mayhew House - check it out.


Anonymous said...

After reading your post, I went to find the house. I know the neighbourhood well but the house it's one that readily comes to mind since it's not easily seen from the road.

Unfortunately, I noticed there is a Redevelopment Application Notice posted as well. I stopped by the Oak Bay municipal hall to see what they could tell me about the proposal but no one was available given the long weekend. I'll pop back to see them on Tuesday.

Given the notice, however, I would assume it's not just a simple refreshing of the original house and probably involves major changes to the massing. I'll drop you a note when I learn more about it's fate.

Anonymous said...

the house was completely renovated in 2010. exterior has remained the same. contact Jody 250 519 1051