Point Grey Condos

If you happen to be in the vicinity of 2386 Cornwall Avenue, architecture-seeing or whatnot, walk over a block to intersection of Larch and Point Grey Road to see another handsome specimen. This one startled me in my tracks - simple, graceful, and, oh, so well-executed ( fantastic concrete! ) .

Containing only four units like the previous post's subject, this building - Point Grey Condos - was built in 1988, designed by Bing Thom Architects. Its unusual column and screen detailing is subtle yet gives the building its particular character. The columns do intentionally make a "reference to a field of classical antecedents". On the whole - although some details date it - it is a timeless design that has as much of an appeal as it did when it was finished. Doing some digging around online later, I was not surprised at all that it earned Thom a Governor General's Medal in Architecture, Canada's most prestigious architectural award, in 1990. It is definitely one of Thom's gems.

Apparently Thom lives on the top floor - might be true since Sonja's Spirit, his boat, is docked fairly close by. If it is so, it is always great to see an architect living in one of his own designs.

The following are images of a private residence Thom designed in 1993, included to make this post a nice double-bill:

So many blossoms!

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