'tis the season of the tour announcements!

West Van Tour 2008 - Ron Thom's Baker Forrest House:
The ultimate wine reception destination

Yay! Tours!

Heads up came from Vancouver Lights Blog today on the big modern residential tours of Vancouver. One is organized by the West Vancouver Museum and the other by Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

The West Van one runs on July 11 and all visitors will be bused around and there is a wine reception at the end with door prizes . $100.

Vancouver Heritage has theirs on October 3, as well bus and wine here too. $100. + 4 Core LUs.

Last year's West Van tour was fantastic, I architecture-geeked out every second of it. I really recommend it . Unfortunately, I missed the other tour, but it is praised highly by Vancouver Lights.

Lastly, I have no idea as to the line up of either(other than Harbour House by Helliwell+Smith: Blue Sky Architecture is the headliner for the West Van tour), but watch this space - who knows I might be able to shed some light on this later...

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