Party for Architects

Reading Vancouver Lights as I do, I found out that Vancouver Special is hosting a second Party for Architects. Too bad that it is at the same time as Cantu/Living Space/Midland event. How is a girl to decide?

By the way, more posts about actual buildings are coming up. Stay tuned.


Que Sera, Surrey

If any of you have been keeping an eye on this city then you know that for a while Trevor Boddy has been insinuating that he is working on a top-secret significant competition for some time. Well - the cat's out of the bag! Inspired by Formshift in name - and more? - Townshift was announced early this week.

Trevor Boddy presenting Townshift.

The competition's prizes will total $75,000 distributed among 11 winners. There are five different design areas as challenges. I will not provide much more detail as I would be competing with an exceptionally thorough overview by the re:place magazine.

Additional good sources of info since townshift.ca is not quite useful yet:
- GlobalBC story complete with a video
- BC Local (more details specifically regarding the competition)
- “Never having to say you're Surrey” « Price Tags

The notion of addressing suburb cities in a design ideas competition is interesting, although it is not as much a design problem as it is a planning, zoning, infrastructure, and economics problem. Let's design away anyway - so that they can be prize-ponied during the Olympics and then shelved (see referenced links above) - for the glory of it all!