Elspeth Pratt at Offsite

If you have not had a chance to check out Elspeth Pratt's installation "Second Date" at Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite (located by the Shangri-La lobby at West Georgia and Thurlow). From Art Daily:
In this latest installation, Pratt transforms Offsite through subtle dislocations in the existing architecture—rigid angles become curves, opaque surfaces are lined with reflective skins, and dark stone is covered with bright rubber. These changes challenge the impulse to standardize our built environment. Inspired by the Aqua Tower in Chicago (2009) by Studio Gang Architects, Pratt’s transformation of Offsite reorients our perception of the space and its architectural framing. Pratt’s work deftly comments on ideas of ornamentation in contemporary architecture, while calling for an examination of the neutrality of spaces designed for public access. 
Do go see it - it is really awesome both as art and space. Neutral it is not!

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