RUF Project on Salt Spring

Ah, Salt Spring, how did you become a home to most splendid recent architecture in BC? What is your secret?

On the heels of the Linear House profile last week (see post below), comes another linear house on Salt Spring - this one designed by young studio RUF project, previously posted about here. They first presented this house design at Pecha Kucha Vancouver this summer.

Panoramic views from the site are a cue for the linear orientation of the main space. Heroic gluelam beams at the windows free the facade of structural supports, allowing the entire water side of the volume to be glazed. The whole volume is also like a bridge between the two wings, there is a great lightness in that section of the span.

It harks back to Smith House 2 by Erickson - perhaps, a tribute? They were inspired by Erickson one way or another:
Luckily, RUF was working with “ideal clients,” whose design brief of rustic Canadian cabin meets modern villa allowed them relatively free rein. Inspired by West Coast mid-century modernists – especially Arthur Erickson – the house is a contemporary take on the longhouse that pushes the concept of post and beam to its limits.
For a much better description of the project, I would defer to a pro - Hidani Ditmar has recently profiled  RUF Project and this house in Globe and Mail.

all images by Ivan Hunter; drawings by RUF Project


architectureofeurope said...

Hi There
I am really impressed by your website.
I actually added it to my vlog list.i would be honoured if you could do the same for me.
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AxelS said...

Awesome - I've lived in a Sep Ruf home for a few years in Germany. We actually rearchitected his office in Gr├╝nwald :)

in dream city said...

Hi Axel, you are thinking of a different designer. RUF project is Vancouver based.