Photo Post - Waterfront House by Nick Milkovich

What luck! Recently I got a chance to tour a house designed by Nick Milkovich, which is in the final stages of construction. The house is very grand and the detailing is such a treat! Here are the pictures:


Cameron said...

It's a beautiful house. I've been driving by it regularly while it was under construction and am glad to see photos of it. Thanks for posting. Did the guardrails get re-done after the house passed its occupancy inspection, or have the codes suddenly changed?

in dream city said...

Hi Cameron,
You are welcome. Actually, the house is still under construction and many details are still being worked on. At the time of the tour, the glass was just being put on the guard supports, but it is not in the pictures I posted. The house did not have occupancy at the time of my tour. Codes remain unchanged!

Cameron said...

Ah, the old glass on the railings trick! There's a person on the outside stairs who looks familiar. Did he once work at Kasian Kennedy?