BIG development at Granville Loops

Is this the future of the coveted Granville Loops' site? Rumour has it... Check out the article at Vancity Buzz.


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VanDusen revisited - the new Visitor Centre

via Montechristo
The new visitor centre at VanDusen Botanical Garden designed by Perkins and Will opened last October and a couple of weeks later I had a chance to visit it. If you have not seen it, you should check it out  - it is excellent.

It has no less than a LEED Platinum rating, the top possible building rating for environmental performance,  and it is net-zero energy - it generates its own energy. But combined with its environmental achievement, is a dramatic architectural experiment, showing us that high 'green' grades can go together with exciting spaces and massing moves.

I have done an earlier post on the design here, and although the design changed since then - as they organically always do - I was as into it during my visit as I was in my post. The one surprise was just how much intensity was in one rather small building. Everything was to the max - the sweeping curves, the detailing, the materiality. There is enough here for a few buildings!

Many many excellent articles have been written recently:

And here is a fun videos from Perkins and Will.

As for images, you will find many awesome ones on this Flickr set by VanDusen Gardens. Below is a mixture of images by others, the nice ones, and by me, not as nice since I had no other option but to take them with my phone camera.

via Vancouver Sun
via Vancouver Sun
by Raymond Chan
by Dan Toulgoet
Agnieszka Stryjecka
By Perkins and Will


SALA Spring 2012 Lectures

Just got this full line-up today - click on picture to see it larger. Many exciting speakers.